Kelly's riding on a dream

WHILE lying in the intensive care unit at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane, 15-year-old Kelly Morgan was approached by a social worker who sat down with her and asked if she had been granted a wish by the Starlight Foundation.

No, she hadn't.

An application form was produced, Kelly's details were filled in and the letter hastily sent back to the Starlight Wish-granting program by Kelly's mother Margaret.

She knew her daughter had a wish.

And last Saturday, Kelly's wish was granted.

At a surprise party organised by her loving family, in front of all her friends and neighbours, Kelly was presented with her very own and much longed-for bike, delivered to her home address courtesy of the Starlight Foundation.

Kelly went quiet, totally overwhelmed by the gesture.

Her wish had come true.

All her life Kelly has battled medical problems.

She has been diagnosed with Allgrove Syndrome (AAA) and Hyper IgG4.

Hyper IgG4 is a chronic inflammatory disease managed with a daily steroid intake.

Kelly has poor muscle tone, difficulties with her balance and co-ordination and is fed through a feeding pump which she carries with her in a backpack.

The steroids she takes to treat her Hyper IgG4 weaken her immune system, making her more vulnerable to the bugs and common colds the rest of us manage to shake off after a few days.

It was after she caught one of these average bugs in September 2010 that Kelly was airlifted to Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital where a social worker and an Australian children's charity helped to bring a little magic back into her life.

“I'm so grateful to the Starlight Foundation for what they've done for Kelly,” her mother said.

“Every year they make dreams come true for a lot of sick kids and it's great Kelly has had her dream come true. She just loves her new bike.”

Kelly's older sister Tegan also expressed her gratitude to the Starlight Foundation.

“They bring a bit of fun and cheer to the lives of sick kids and it's great to see how happy they've made Kelly,” she said.

“I think their wish-granting program is fabulous and Kelly's bike is perfect for her.”

Kelly's bike has been specially constructed to suit her needs by Grafton City Cycles.

“They helped put a lot of its features together,” Margaret said.

“Through their business, the Starlight Foundation also provided Kelly with a helmet, bicycle bell and a drink-holder which the people at Grafton City Cycles fitted on her bike.

“I can't describe how much Kelly loves it.

“She rides it as often as possible and I just want to say another big thank you to the Starlight Foundation for what they've done – not just for Kelly but for all of us.

“The whole family was treated to dinner at Zack's Restaurant at the Bent Street Motor Inn on Saturday night.

“Our finances don't allow us to go out often and it was a really special occasion for the whole family, especially Kelly.

“She's been through some rough times and it's great to see her with a smile on her face.”

For more information on the Starlight Foundation please visit

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