Conor McGregor operates on Conor McGregor time. Picture: Steven Ryan/Getty Images/AFP
Conor McGregor operates on Conor McGregor time. Picture: Steven Ryan/Getty Images/AFP

Live: Khabib exits after McGregor ‘disrespect’

UFC lightweight championship Khabib Nurmagomedov threatened to walkout of this morning's final UFC 229 press conference with Conor McGregor if the Irishman continued his tardy ways.

Well McGregor was late - and after 15 minutes the Russian left.

Despite UFC president Dana White insisting McGregor was in a car on his way to the Park Theatre in Las Vegas, Nurmagomedov didn't want to hang around.

"15 minutes I'm here, this guy didn't come, this is disrespect ... have a good night," he said.

It left White holding court by himself for a period, but he insisted he wasn't bothered - and acknowledged Nurmagomedov's "counter" to McGregor's mind games.

"This is all part of the s*** that goes on leading up to a fight," White said. "I don't give a s*** right now. (Khabib) showed up and said what he had to say."

McGregor arrived 28 minutes late to huge cheers from the pro-Irish crowd. "The traffic is heavy out there," he joked. "He knew what he was signing up for, I've been later than this. The traffic is heavy out there, there must be a McGregor fight on. I did not plan this, I tried to get here.

"That's a sign, he doesn't want to be around me, he doesn't want to be around these people (the crowd)."

The bad blood has reached a point where Nurmagomedov, before he left, said he would not shake McGregor's hand after their fight on Sunday. "No way," he said. Asked why, he only said "because".

McGregor feels the same. "F*** peace, there will never be peace," McGregor said. "I always say you should aim for peace, but if you can't aim for peace, aim between the eyes."

The biggest name in MMA is also aiming for a big day. He said if the fight reaches more than three million pay-per-view buys he stands to make $50 million.

You can watch the press conference live in the video player below.

McGregor has made a habit of arriving late to scheduled events during his UFC career and continued it at by turning up on his own time to a press conference in New York last month.

"Last time, press conference supposed to begin 45-50 minutes before we begin," Nurmagomedov told BT Sport. "This time if he's late, bye bye. I'm not going to wait ... I have to go make weight.

"If you're going to be late, like always he is, no respect, I'm going to say hello everybody and then go."

Nurmagomedov, who is 26-0 and making the first defence of his title on Sunday, believes he's ability to stay composed in the face of McGregor's wild taunting has the former champ worried.

"I don't feel nothing," he said. "I stay like lion, he talk like dog. Of course he going to be nervous."

McGregor was 45 minutes late to his open workout at the Park Theatre on Thursday. But he rallied the crowd with a fiery speech.

"I'm gonna come out the gate fast," he roared. "I don't give a f*** about anything - any wrestling, any technique, any anything. I'm coming for that man's head from the f***ing bell. Trust me on that."

In a separate interview with UFC Tonight, McGregor said he couldn't believe how bad Nurmagomedov looked in his fight against Al Iaquinta, a five-round unanimous decision win that secured him the belt.

"I was screaming at the TV, it was a horrendous performance," McGregor said.

The weigh-ins are at 10am on Saturday while the main card of UFC 229, which has five fights concluding with Khabib-McGregor, begins at 1pm on Sunday.

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