Killing cane toads just like flies

CANE toads, which were introduced to Australia in 1935, have been hovering in many minds recently.

The toads are pests, killing native wildlife and are a constant concern to pet owners.

Now there is a new product on the market which is a more humane and easy way to kill these pests.

HopStop, available in an aerosol can, is being sold at Bunnings around Australia and from selected Mitre10 stores and other independent hardware store outlets.

The user sprays a cane toad with the aerosol and within a short time, it becomes unconscious and then dies. Later, while wearing gloves, the person can dispose of the toad in a rubbish bin, thereby preventing other animals from attempting to eat or pick up the toad.

HopStop was developed by Australian bioscience research and development company, Pestat, managing director Dr David Dall said.

“HopStop has been designed for use in urban and suburban settings, to protect local fauna and provide peace of mind to pet owners and families,” said Dr. Dall. “If lots of people look after lots of little patches, we think a big impact can be made.”

The active chemical used in HopStop is common to Australian households, he said.

HopStop has been registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

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