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Kym loves to get her hands dirty

KYM Kearns of South Grafton works by day at Rockmans in Grafton Shoppingworld.

However, as soon as knock off time rolls about, she can't wait to go home and get her hands dirty in the garden, or get some fresh air fishing or taking a dip at the beach.

“Any chance I get, I go fishing, go to the beach, or get my hands grubby in the garden,” Kym said.

“Mum lives at the beach, so it is great to go and visit her.”

Lucky for her, Kym has the day off today, so don't be too surprised if you see her by the water with a rod in her hand, hopefully landing fish after fish.

“Since we have moved into town, I have been lucky enough to get a beautiful garden, so I really enjoy maintaining it,” Kym said.

Kym is also really proud to live here in the Clarence Valley.

“I was born in Coffs because there were no doctors about in Grafton at the time, and I have lived in the area my whole life,” she said.

Kym and her husband have raised the three children here.

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