The Statue of Liberty and assorted skyscrapers are reproduced at “New York, New York” in Las Vegas.
The Statue of Liberty and assorted skyscrapers are reproduced at “New York, New York” in Las Vegas.

LA LA land and Viva Las Vegas

IF YOU haven't seen a paper lately let me give you a quick update - Qantas and some of the other airlines are having a Global Airfare Sale. Airfares are at very low prices and well worth looking into if you are travelling this year especially if you are considering a trip to America.

To help convince you I thought I'd share travelogue of my trip to the USA. A while ago I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Until then the United States of America was not high on my list of countries I wanted to visit, however with the USA being one of our most popular major destinations with our clients, off I went.

QF 11 arrived into Los Angeles 13.5 hours after leaving Australia. We were met at the airport and taken to Anaheim which is about 30-40 minutes from the airport. First impressions weren't that good, travelling along a freeway to our accommodation was a cold and dull looking city. There was nothing but power lines and concrete structures , five-six lane freeways all clogged up with trucks and cars. It was just how I imagined it would be.

We arrived at our accommodation, dropped our bags off and went straight to Disneyland. We were some of the first visitors in when it opened that day and this being my first time to the famed theme park, I didn't want to waste one moment. I went on every ride possible which took some time as you have to be prepared to wait in line. The best experiences were the rollercoaster rides. I turned back into a kids again, rushing from ride to ride. By the end of the day we were exhausted but in a good way. We went back to motel and collapsed into bed.

Despite being able to, we didn't go back to Disneyland. Instead we were escorted around Los Angeles and Hollywood. Getting anywhere in LA takes time. Venice Beach was our first stop and a must-see location if you visit LA. If you want to see some weird and wonderful people or buy some cheap shirts, watches, shoes (anything you can think really) from the stalls along the walkway then you will be in your element. After Venice Beach we checked out the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre. We drove by some movie stars' homes although I didn't see much except for their front gates. After a few days in LA my impression of the city had changed and I had come to enjoy the city and could have spent longer there but we had to catch a flight to Las Vegas.

It was amazing flying into Las Vegas all around the city is flat dry baring country and all of a sudden a Major city pops up. It's almost like when they were planning to build a new city they got sick of looking for the perfect location and said this spot will do.

Las Vegas is a town that comes alive after dark, not much happens during the day even though the casinos go 24 hours a day. During the day it gives you a chance to explore the Shops around Las Vegas, a day trip to the Hoover Dam or a Scenic Flight to the Grand Canyon. When the sun goes down its time to hit the town and take in the sites of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip is approximately 6 kilometers long and lined with Hotels , but in Vegas your Hotel can't be a normal Hotel no it has to take on a theme so you have a hotel like the Luxor which is in the Shape of a Pyramid and The Sphinx sitting out the front, or the New York New York Hotel which looks like the skyline of New York with the Statue of Liberty in Font of it or my Favorite the Venetian Resort that inside recreates a Renaissance Venice, Gondolas and canals, it was amazing.

There are a lot of great live entertainment shows in Vegas with many stars performing nightly at many of the Hotels. The MGM Grand is one such Hotel that is renowned for being able to attract Star performers.

So hurry don't miss out if America is one destination that has always been on your list of places to visit then let's do it this year.

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