No. 3: Ross Roberts
No. 3: Ross Roberts

Labor's payroll tax change slammed by Valley businessman

A LEADING Clarence Valley entrepeneur has spoken out against the NSW Labor opposition's plans to reverse promised payroll tax relief for small businesses, should he be elected Premier in March.

Harwood Marine managing director Ross Roberts said the policy change would have a negative effect on many businesses in regional areas across NSW.

"Payroll tax is a tax on creating jobs, and in regional areas this will have a big effect, where there is already a severe unemployment problem," he said.

"This makes no sense, particularly when it is being proposed by a future Labor Government who is supposed help reduce unemployment.

"Regrettably in our area with record high youth unemployment, it is most likely the youth who will be the ones to be most disadvantaged by this policy."

The state's peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber has today launched an online petition urging NSW Labor leader Michael Daley to reverse his plan.

N SW Business Chamber, Northern Rivers regional manager Jane Laverty said payroll tax is a job killer that penalises businesses for hiring more staff.

"The many small business owners and community leaders we have heard from, especially in regional NSW, are confused as to why NSW Labor would want to put the brakes on jobs growth and punish small and family businesses who are looking to hire additional staff," she said.

"At a time of considerable economic and business uncertainty, it is critical that governments and oppositions across the country look at measures to support jobs growth and small businesses. Punishing small and family businesses for hiring additional staff just doesn't make sense."

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