Lady luck on side of fire brigade

JUST when fire fighters thought they had lost the battle to save a house in Waterview Heights from being engulfed in fames, lady luck swung their way.

The South Grafton Fire Brigade was called to the Grevillia Street house fire on Sunday at 9.45pm.

“The garage was well and truly alight and the flames were starting to get up into the roof cavity,” South Grafton Fire Brigade Captain Dennis Pye said.

The flames quickly spread towards the roof of the home.

“As soon as we could see smoke coming through the roof I thought 'we're going to lose this house',” Captain Pye said.

But then something happened the fire captain said he had never seen before.

The plasterboard ceiling in the living room collapsed, giving fire fighters an opening to attack the fire in the roof cavity from within.

Four fire fighters entered the burning building wearing breathing apparatus and quickly worked to extinguish the flames in the roof.

Meanwhile, crews from Southampton Rural Fire Service and the South Grafton Brigade worked on the garage and house fires' externally.

Within 15 minutes the fire was under control, but it took another two hours to extinguish the fire completely.

“It was the best save I've ever been associated with,” Captain Pye said.

“It could have been so much worse. It's a credit to our brigade.”

Capt. Pye said every single truss in the house had burn marks, the garage was destroyed and the ceiling and roof of the house was badly damaged.

But the contents of the home were in a relatively good condition and the residents were able to recover some personal belongings on the same night.

Fire fighters also rescued some presents off the kitchen bench ready for a birthday the following day.

It is not known how the fire started and it is not being treated as suspicious.

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