Llama drama for Sun City motorists as beasts escape zoo

FOR motorists in Arizona's Sun City, it was no doubt an a-lama-ing sight.

Two of the animals, one black and one white, decided to dash through the centre of the city, doing their best to evade local residents trying to catch them.

After a number of near things, the animals were captured by means of a lasso.

The owner of the llamas told local media there had actually been three llamas that got spooked and ran away near the centre of the town.

He said the animals were part of a mobile petting zoo at a Sun City care centre.

The llamas dash caught the attention of locals, as well as that of a number of television channels who dispatched crews to the scene. On Thursday evening, the animals were back in the possession of their owner, reported USA Today.

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How you can get your greenslip refund

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