Break and enter thwarted by neighbour

LAWRENCE police have asked people to be vigilant about theft after a rural break and enter was thwarted by a quick-thinking neighbour.

About 9pm on Saturday, a number of males gained access shed located on a property at Pringles Way, Lawrence.

They then attempted to gain access to part of the property but were unable to do so.

Knowing no one was at the house at that time, a neighbour contacted the owner and then attempted to apprehend the offenders himself.

When the males took off in a vehicle, the owner of the property followed them.

Police were also contacted and managed to catch up to the vehicle, which was dumped by the offenders on Orchard Rd at Mountain View.

The vehicle has been seized by police for forensic examination and investigations are continuing as to the identity of the offenders.

Lawrence Senior Constable Ashley Higgins said the attempted break-in was less than an hour after a big storm which hit the area had passed.

"Lawrence police are asking that you be vigilant over this holiday period, particularly on rural properties," he said.

"The assistance of the community... is vital in preventing and catching these offenders.

"We are a very small and tight knit community, and keeping an eye out for each other is imperative in showing these offenders that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated in our community."

The following tips may help you, your family, friends or neighbours:

  • Ensure that all doors, windows and other entries are locked as best as possible. If alarmed, ensure the alarm is turned on. Do not leave your home unlocked whilst you are away.
  • Lock all gates, sheds and garages. Ensure quality locks are fitted and padlocked if needed
  • Remove items outside the home that may attract thieves like tools, and do not leave spare keys outside
  • Lock vehicles even if parked in your drive way
  • Record the details of all valuables; model number, serial numbers and even photographs.
  • When away, use a timer to activate internal lights to give the appearance you are home. Have a trusted neighbour collect your mail, move bins and keep the property looking "lived in".
  • Inform your neighbours when you will be away this holiday period so they can keep an eye on your property. Inform your local police station (If Lawrence, 66477344 or come up to the station) that you will be away so they are aware as well no one should be there
  • If you store firearms at your residence, ensure that your safe-keeping arrangements are more than adequate. Safe Storage Inspections will continue through until the new year, so please ensure that your storage is compliant with what is required
  • If you believe that yours, or a neighbours, property is being broken into at the time, contact triple zero (000) immediately. Police do not advise you to approach offenders, as you will not know if they are armed. If you return home and found that your property has been broken into, contact your local police station of the Police Assistance Line (131 444).

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