Clive Palmer and Glenn Lazarus.
Clive Palmer and Glenn Lazarus. Nev Madsen

Lazarus to lead Clive's party in Senate

LEAGUE legend Glenn Lazarus will lead Clive Palmer's party in the Senate.

In a press conference this morning, Mr Palmer said Mr Lazarus would be a role model to other senators-elect, including Tasmania's Jacqui Lambie, West Australia's Dio Wang and Victorian ally Ricky Muir from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party.

"Glenn was instrumental in the success of the Palmer United Party's Queensland Senate campaign at the recent federal election poll and his Senate seat is testament to his ongoing commitment to Queenslanders and Australians," Mr Palmer said.

Mr Lazarus said the support the Palmer United Party received from the people of Queensland in the election was overwhelming.

"I am very humbled with the opportunity to represent the people of Queensland and I look forward to serving the state in the Senate to the best of my ability," he said.

Mr Lazarus said the four of them would work with the new Federal Government to "achieve good government".

The group will be a force once they enter the Senate in mid-2014, with the Abbott Government likely to rely on their four votes when legislation is opposed by the Opposition and the Greens.

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