Tucabia and Country Energy go head to head.
Tucabia and Country Energy go head to head.

Supa Oldie Soccer is about fun

“IT DOESN’T matter if you win or lose”. That’s the motto for the Grafton Supa Oldie Soccer Association.

Some may question ‘so why do they keep score?’.

As Grafton Supa Oldie president Michael Woodward explains, it’s all about having fun.

“We keep note of the game scores but at the end of the season there are no winners,” Woodward says.

“We like to keep the competition social and make it fun for families. We have a Christmas party halfway through the competition and Santa comes along to entertain the kids.”

Grafton joined the Supa Oldie Sports International in 1994 and has come on leaps and bounds since then.

“In 1996 there were 10 teams playing in the summer competition. By 2002 there were 14 teams and now we have 27 teams with over 350 members,” says Woodward.

“We are currently the third biggest supa oldies chapter in Australia behind Brisbane and the Gold Coast.”

To qualify to play supa oldies males must be 30 years and over and females 18 years and older.

Games are played on half fields with nine-a-side.

Age is not an issue according to Woodward who says some of the more seasoned players can still match it with their younger counterparts.

“I think the oldest guy playing is Charlie Baker who is 72. Charlie is a renowned ex-Pommy soccer nut,” he says.

“We have people from all walks of life and nationalities with a lot of Englishmen. We even have a guy who plays on one leg. Henry Betancur plays in goal and is fantastic... I know he has ventured out of goal and has put one in the back of the net.

“There are more rugby and league players having a go and from all reports they really enjoy it.”

Former Australian women’s soccer representative Joanne Powell is just one of many females who have no problems mixing it with the males - many a male ego has been tarnished on Thursday evenings.

“There are plenty of female players who can match it with the men,” says Woodward.

Woodward, who has been president for the past eight years, says Supa Oldies soccer is not only fun but a cheap sport to play.

“It is one of, if not the cheapest sport to play in Grafton. It’s great for overall fitness and an opportunity to meet new friends,” he said.

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