Editorial - Monday, August 12: Let the good stuff shine

SOMEONE said to me last week, if we're not flooding we're on fire and it certainly seems to ring true.

While wet summers in recent years have saved the Valley from the worst of the inferno, they've also probably meant there is a lot of combustible fuel lying in the undergrowth.

I know I'm certainly hoping we can get through the year without any natural disasters.

But after heading out to Carla Deery's place near Kungala, I'm sure of one thing - when people face challenges the community will be there to help.

Among all the doom and gloom, which sometimes covers these pages, it is easy to miss the essential message that is the lifeblood of small-town papers.

The message is people are good and they do good things.

For every article we do on a crime, a problem, a political issue, an accident, or a mistake, there's always another showing someone in the Valley getting out there and making a great contribution.

And the real challenge for the paper and the community is how to create the best environment to let the good stuff shine.

Lachlan Thompson

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