Let's have more light

SEVERAL Iluka sporting teams are forced to train under little more than a spotlight because of a lack of lighting at the town's oval.

Members of the Iluka Cossacks rugby team say they are fed up trying to share one partly-working light with other sporting teams who also need to train there.

Cossacks coach Rob Duncombe said Iluka had always been neglected by Clarence Valley Council.

He said his rugby team was named the Cossacks because players felt as though they were living in Siberia.

“We have to share this field with the under-16s, under-14s and under-12 soccer sides - we're all trying to share one area,” he said.

“All we want is a fair go. We're not asking for a second light pole, we just want this one fixed.

“I can't seem to get any answers from council. Last week alone I left three messages and I'm still waiting for a call back.”

Mr Duncombe said Iluka had been trying for at least 10 years to get improved lighting at the oval.

He said the one pole that is there was only working at one-quarter of its capacity.

Mr Duncombe said the pole had four lights attached but three of them were not working. Iluka sporting teams had been trying to get council to fix the three broken lights for about two years.

Mr Duncombe said the Cossacks had even thought about bringing training times forward and training earlier but said it wasn't possible because of the players work commitments.

Clarence Valley Council manager for environment and open spaces, Peter Birch, said he was not aware of multiple calls to his office from Mr Duncombe.

However, he said he had now made contact with Mr Duncombe and arranged a meeting for today.

Mr Birch also questioned the Cossacks' right to complain about the lack of lighting at the oval.

“They haven't actually paid any fees to council to use the oval. So they don't really have any right to play on that field if we're going to go by the book,” Mr Birch said.

Mr Birch said he was arranging for an electrician to have a look at the Iluka Oval light on Friday and, if possible, fix the three lights out of order.

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