LETTER: Europe losing its character as migrants arrive

WITH the Muslim migration to Europe, countries like France, Netherlands, and Germany are fast losing their character, customs and way of life that we know.

Sweden is within a heartbeat of becoming an Islamic country.

Which is a disaster when you think the early Vikings came from Sweden - the country that gave us ABBA, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergen, Ingrid Thulin and others may in future be devoid of world famous personalities because of Islamic views on the arts.

This country famous for Gothic churches and other landmarks maybe famous for large mosques in future and have their language and customs corrupted.

Cathedrals in other parts of Sweden were built as the seat of bishops, built in the 14th century have doubtful futures.

The blue-eyed blonde Swedes may become a thing of the past if they don't act now to resist the Islamic invasion.

Sad that countries with century old customs are being corrupted by their failure to protect heritage and culture for fear of appearing racist and politically incorrect.

We must take back what belongs to us as the alternative is not an option.

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