Letter to the Editor - December 12: Why won’t Tony apologise for Labor?

NOTHING seems to be going to plan for Tony Abbott in his first 100 days, many of which have been farcical. Given that his only plan seems to have been to win government, this is not surprising.

His " Indonesia before Geneva" foreign relations emphasis has gone awry. His surprising failure to apologise for a previous government's phone tapping of the Indonesian president and his wife has created a serious rift. Julie Bishop also appears to have insulted our biggest trading partner, China, over some uninhabited islands.

Joe Hockey's actions to solve the urgent problem of "debt and deficit" by expanding debt and (predictably) blaming the previous government has left many perplexed. Then he signified "Australia is open for business" by preventing the Archer Daniels Midland takeover of GrainCorp, thus depriving it of urgently needed capital to improve receivable facilities and rolling stock. Thankfully, this year's harvest is predicted to be small. The government is also split over what to do about Holden and Qantas.

Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison has not "stopped the boats", towed any back or (thankfully) bought any from Indonesia. And, he has adopted a ridiculous practice of not telling anyone, including parliament what is happening. Boat arrivals have tapered off but largely as a result of the policies of the previous government.

Christopher Pyne, the Education Minister, provided a week of policy backflips on educational funding. His oft-stated dislike of public schools has clouded his perception provoking attacks from Liberal state ministers and doubt that he will keep pre-election promises to "match Labor on Gonski".

No doubt everything will change when the government removes the " red and green tape" which, according to Messrs Abbott, Hartsuyker and Hogan, is strangling the economy.

John Drysdale,

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