Letter to the Editor - Friday, April 4: Maclean going batty

THERE seems to be a bit of talk from the pro bat camp again to try to counter any ground taken by the residents of Maclean who have had to endure this unbearable situation. I have watched this unfold over the last 15 years, when it hit the headlines regarding the school. Since then there has been a lot of talk and a few band aid solutions that will ultimately fail over the long term.

There is talk of coexisting. Unfortunately, the bats keep breeding and expand their site into the backyards of the residences and make life hell for these people.

I bet Maclean residents who are affected by the bats are glad Greg Clancy did not win a place as a CVC councillor. Greg would be making you open your doors and letting them inside. The stresses these residents have had to endure have probably shortened many lives.

The rabid greens and the fence-sitting bureaucrats in all levels of government who could put a stop to this madness have done little else but talk about the long-term problem.

We need an independent or a minor party to take up the fight for the rights of these residents who have to persevere with the constant "acid poo" raining from the sky over their houses, cars, washing and children's toys.

One party it won't be is the Greens. They will only encourage more of these migrations to our area. I see that Robert Borsak of the Shooters and Fishers Party is having a public meeting in Tyndale at 2 pm on Sunday.

Maybe some Maclean residents should go along and persuade Borsak to go into bat for them (pun intended). At least they have the runs on the board when they come up against the Greens over similar issues for other groups.

Obviously these do-gooders lack empathy or they would understand how these residents have been put in an impossible situation and that there needs to be a long-term solution.

Fifteen years on from when it became unbearable, and the situation has only got worse. Baker's motion had some merit. It is disappointing that councillors shot it down without exploring its merits or the possibility of government grants.

There can not be coexistence; either the bats must go or the school and a big slice of Maclean must be given over to the bats.

One possibility is that the houses be bought and Clancy and Edwards and their bat-loving friends and families should live there. People's lives and health must be put ahead of an exploding population of bats.

C Gosling
Coutts Crossing

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