Letter to the Editor-Friday, October 11: No CSG rule for all

THE introduction of exclusion zones is but a small step in the process to protect residents and the environment from the industrial onslaught of the unconventional gas industry (including CSG) in NSW.

"Communities will now have peace of mind with the 2km exclusion zone for new CSG activity around residential areas," Planning Minister Brad Hazzard said.

How can you possibly say residents will have peace of mind, Mr Hazzard?

Only the residents of cities, towns and a few "select" villages and "industry clusters" will be protected.

I notice that you state "new" CSG activity; these changes will only apply to new petroleum licences and not those currently in place.

Most rural property owners will have no protection at all, including farmers and families who choose to live and farm in the rural and more remote areas of the state.

In the Clarence Valley, our community members of villages and hamlets, such as Copmanhurst, Tucabia, Ulmarra, Coutts Crossing, Glenugie and Nymboida, just to name a few, will remain unprotected.

How can this be news to rejoice in when a gas well or associated gas mining infrastructure can still be placed 200m from a resident's home?

Why don't you consider that the rural residents and small communities of the state of New South Wales are as important as their city and large-town compatriots?

The situation really is a disgrace that our government can allow such segregation of its constituents.

Wake up, Mr Hazzard.

One rule for all would be "best practice" in this instance.

With the environmental, social and health impacts of the long-term (and short-term) implications of the gas mining industry still very much debatable, any step forward is one definitely in the wrong direction!

Lynette Eggins,

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