Letter to the Editor - Monday, May 19: PM had to end spend

BEFORE decrying Tony Abbott's move to put the cleaners through the Gillard-promoted renewable energy scheme (ARENA), a trip down memory lane would be advisable.

The billions lost by Australia's taxpayers propping up inefficient and unworkable schemes through funding grants by both Gillard and Rudd boggles the mind.

Over the years, half a billion to a geothermal company, one grant of $90 million alone by Rudd, and for what result?

What about the solar panel scheme, mainly denied to the poorer of the populace because of cost, even with the subsidies.

What happened when solar users began receiving dividends and selling power back to major power generators, was for the majors to increase prices to compensate; the little man got hit again.

Wind turbine power was another heavily subsidised scheme that has cost billions and as proved during the last South Australian heatwave, these eyesores fail miserably to provide even essential power let alone base load power at critical times.

We can't forget Labor's millions of dollars dabble in Wave power, one costly long forgotten unit sits rusting away on a NSW beach, another brand new $3M unit recently sunk off an Adelaide beach while being towed into position, the company responsible applying for bankruptcy. Should we decry Tony Abbott for his decision to cut the umbilical cord to these taxpayer funded money-gobblers?

I don't think so.

Fred Perring,
Halfway Creek

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