Letter to the Editor - Monday, October 21: Ode to Jaca

A city is in mourning
for the loss of something loved
with cancer infiltrating
what for years was so beloved

Several cancers gnawed away
at what was a tradition
elements brought into play
did seek and cause division

The kiss of death is duly served
no chance now for survival
decisions made by council
means there won't be a revival

No holiday, the fun police
will all be out of work
the chain stores celebrate a win
no consequence to shirk

A victory for apathy,
or are we all to blame
complacency's a cancer
should we hang our heads in shame

Are we lost in cyber space
we've lost our civic pride
have we lost our sense of fun
can these things be denied?

The trees, of course, will be removed
and all will be replaced
by council signs, "park rear to kerb"
all angled, neatly spaced

The death of a tradition
may the tributes never cease
as the Jaca tree and holiday
forever rest in peace.

John Sullivan

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Rain over the weekend could bring a spike in cane toads

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