Letter to the Editor - Thursday, November 14: Free them up

NOSING in or nosing out is not the major parking problem in Grafton CBD. Finding a parking space at all is akin to a miracle - rare, amazing and cause for celebration.

Presently in Duke St between Fitzroy St and the river there are 58 parking places of unlimited time.

These are filled every weekday by 9am and remain so at least till 5pm.

As well there are 12 central parking spaces for four hours which again are taken early, with the cars moved at lunch time.

At the river end of Prince St there are 12 parking spaces offering unlimited time which again are also taken by 9am for the day.

If these 82 parking spaces were changed to two-hour parking then shoppers, patients visiting doctors or dentists, funeral goers to the cathedral, parents collecting children from the Anglican school, ratepayers visiting council and visitors to our city would all benefit.

The cost to council would be minimal.

Of course workers who currently use them would have to walk further to their cars but surely the fresh air and exercise would be beneficial to them too after being inside all day.

Barbara Fahey,

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