Letter to the Editor - Thursday, October 17: Holiday quandary

THE fact that the Jacaranda half-day gazetted holiday has been stopped by the Clarence Valley Council leaves me in a quandary brought about by the following points:

1. The staff of my pharmacy have dressed up, taken a half-day holiday and participated in Jacaranda Day every year since 1953, (and enjoyed it).

2. The staff have always been paid their regular wage for Jacaranda afternoon as it was a legally gazetted holiday.

3. The sales recorded for Jacaranda Thursdays have traditionally been about 10% of a normal Thursday's trading.

This year, with Jaca being degazetted, we have the choice of:

1. Closing at midday, as usual, paying the wages and taking the usual loss, or

2. Pretending that Jacaranda doesn't exist, therefore working our normal hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm, while not dressing up.

Under the present harsh business conditions you can bet your boots the multinational retailers will open all day, and the owners of businesses that only have themselves as staff will close.

Hmmmmm. But for me with five staff? What to do?

Hugh Ada
Ada & Flynn Pharmacy
Prince Street

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