Letter to the Editor - Tuesday, November 26: Students thanked

WE WISH to acknowledge our Year 10 students who recently took part in a working bee at the St Paul's Anglican Church at Coramba.

It was wonderful to receive the following letter from the warden, Val O'Doherty. We are proud of our students' enthusiasm towards this community service - Tim Grosser, Clarence Valley Anglican School principal:

Dear Principal,

How proud you and your staff must be of the students of CVAS. The group of 26 Year 10s that came to Coramba today were fantastic. They worked with a will and a smile and accomplished heaps more that we had hoped for.

Walls were washed, pews and everything wooden polished, all the brass is gleaming, the concrete was pressure-hosed and they filled five green bins with garden rubbish. The hedges are trimmed, trees pruned and gardens tidied.

There is even still a pile of cuttings too big for the bins that we will chainsaw and put in next week's green waste collection.

I cannot speak highly enough of the students. Polite, courteous, helpful - all of these things and great fun as well. Thank them and thank you for allowing this community service.

I'm a great-grandmother and one of the younger members of our congregation, so to have a busload of happy young adults work so hard means such a lot.

Val O'Doherty,
St Paul's

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