Letter to the Editor - Tuesday, October 15: Practical parking

MOST people who like reverse parking are those who have lived here for a long time. Familiarity makes a task easier. I hope the young local who said "… it's as easy as opening your car door and checking the white lines", doesn't have to do that, while driving down the highway.

I'm sure the driver doesn't have to do this, but it does highlight the problem.

The editor's suggestion of making a couple of spots at the ends of the garden beds for push/motor cyclists is a very sensible idea. Just repaint the lines and put up new signs.

This would also need to be done city-wide, particularly in streets which have trees to contend with.

The rest of the world, well most of it, uses nose-in parking because it is easier, more accurate, more efficient time-wise, and there is less likely to be walkway overhang, which could result in hitting pedestrians on the busy footpath.

A major reason is to improve traffic flow, something which will become more critical when the second bridge is built.

A time and motion study would clearly show the delay caused to traffic flow is greater for reverse than nose in parking.

Either way when you are leaving, the passing traffic has the right of way so the parker has to wait for a break in the traffic.

Whether nose in or nose out, blind spots will always be problem.

Running neck to neck with traffic flow is many (most?) people are not comfortable doing reverse parking, and this particularly applies to visitors and "new" residents.

We are trying to make the Clarence Valley a tourist friendly place and tail-in parking does not help us achieve this.

Grafton is fortunate to have wide streets, which allow angle parking, unlike Maclean where parallel parking is the only option. We have the option so let's adopt the best way, and drive in head first.

John Ibbotson,

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