Letter to the Editor- Wednesday, April 2:Get the trains back

THE North Coast of New South Wales has no train.

Apparently the State Government's projected cost of restoring the train is 50 times more than for rail in similar areas in Victoria. In NSW, recent governments haven't wanted to pay for our train so they've inflated the costs to make it look unaffordable.

Our roads are in terrible shape and local councils don't have the funds to maintain them. Trucks are ripping up the roads and causing accidents yet our needs are ignored. Why? We're in a rural area a long way from Sydney and we have only a couple of MPs to represent us in parliament. They are Nationals with comfortable margins so the government has no reason to worry about losing votes.

Big companies that sell petrol, cars, tyres, road construction services etc have lobbied recent governments to plan transport infrastructure around roads instead of rail. That's pretty obvious. Rail just rolls along safely and the consumer just pays their ticket. With roads we have to buy a car, pay for petrol, tyres, repairs and sometimes parking.

As the poor, old person on the ground I know we're not being considered and we need to start standing up for ourselves.

I think we need to vote for Greens or independents in order to be noticed by the far-away politicians in Sydney. They will continue to ignore this area as long as it's a safe National seat.

The NSW Greens MP Meehreen Faruqi has put a motion to Parliament to re-instate the rail line on the North Coast. I thank her very much for that. We need to get our train back and make it a commuter train. We could have it running at sensible times when most people can use it, to get to work etc. It could save us all the petrol costs, car payments, anxiety about trucks, road repair costs and carbon emissions.

Rail is efficient, sensible and safe. Please tell our government to give us reasonable rail services or it will lose votes.

Beth Shelley,
Booerie Creek

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