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LETTER: Goodger's vote of confidence for the CRCA

Dear Sir,

I WRITE to congratulate the Clarence River Cricket Association (CRCA) on the success of its Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation held on Friday last at GDSC. Cricket appears to be in healthy shape on the Clarence. The evening was very well organised and attended with more than 120 members and guests. The Association is to be commended on the quality of the function and on the trophies and prizes presented to its major award winners.

The Executive team of Tom Kroehnert, Tim Kinnane, Judy Disson and John Blanch should take a bow for the manner in which they work together to administer and improve local cricket. Selflessness is the soul of teamwork. I thank them for their efforts and contribution.

Derek Woods was a fine host for the evening - he did a great job with an excellent sense of humour - Woodsy has a place on the MC and after-dinner speaking circuit for sure! I would expect the offers will start to flow in soon.

It was wonderful to see life members Rhonda Adamson, Al "Bomber" Bailey, Tony Blanch, Neil Martin and Peter Ryan in attendance. They have done so much for the CRCA over the years and their ongoing interest in the Association is appreciated by all.

Also in attendance were former CRCA Secretary and Co-Patron, Brian Hall, Code of Conduct Commissioner Chris Wheelahan and Mayor Richie Williamson - all great supporters of the CRCA.

At different times during the evening Neil Frame's name was mentioned causing me to reflect on the phenomenal contribution made to the CRCA by Neil, Coral and John over the years.

The CRCA sponsors, GDSC and Cleavers Mechanical Repairs, were represented and recognised. It is obvious the Association sincerely appreciates the contribution of its sponsors who get value out of their sponsorship.

The Association invited a special guest, Jay Lenton, to this year's dinner. Jay gave a speech and then took questions from the MC and from the floor. Jay, a professional cricketer, is a member of the New South Wales Blues squad and played three Sheffield Shield matches in season 2015-16. He also holds down a position in umpire administration at Cricket NSW, juggling both roles with aplomb.

He shared highlights of his playing career and gave sensible and considered advice and encouragement about the importance of having a strong work ethic in order to improve. Nothing works until you do was the essence of Jay's message. I know from many who spoke to me following the CRCA dinner that Jay and his messages were very well received. He is an exceptional young man and an excellent ambassador for Cricket NSW and the New South Wales Blues.

I would like to thank the CRCA for the invitation to attend the dinner and was pleased to be able to make it this year. Cricket has been very good to me, I owe the game a lot for the opportunities it has presented me to play, umpire and now be employed in a sport I love. Cricket owes me nothing. I owe it much. I remain grateful to the CRCA for the opportunities it gave me as an umpire and administrator and for the support and encouragement afforded to me by many mentors in the Association, some of whom were there on Friday evening.

Finally, I offer acknowledgment and a vote of thanks to the Daily Examiner for the fabulous coverage it provides to cricket in the Clarence Valley. Nothing is ever a trouble for Matthew Elkerton and Bill North. They do much to promote local cricket and are professional and ethical to deal with.

Another cricket season has drawn to a close, it is a wonderful game and it is in top shape on the Clarence. Congratulations to all concerned - it is amazing what can be achieved when no one cares who gets the credit.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Goodger

CRCA Co-Patron

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