LETTER: Maclean Chamber of Commerce responds to criticism

LETTER: Maclean Chamber of Commerce responds to criticism

IT IS disappointing to read Bob Hill's letter condemning the Maclean Chamber of Commerce. It seems like "open slather" to pick on the Chamber recently.

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If he had attended any of the meetings in recent years, he would realise that the chamber does not regard the need to attract an entrepreneur to build a retirement village as the "most important thing for Maclean".

Indeed the chamber is working on many different fields.

To state that the chamber resisted attempts to have RV stops at the showground is not understanding the case. The chamber felt the need was for all styles of accommodation: motels, B&B's, caravan parks, low-cost camping and free camping. Once again, if Mr Hills sat in on these meetings with council, lands department, arts and craft society, Rotary, Lions club, golf club and the how Society, he would not need to be so critical of a volunteer organisation. Maclean Chamber, through a Project Officer, was one of the main instigators in getting the RV status and dump point at the Showground.

The comment regarding the Highway sign is also a misunderstanding. Over 30 years both the Scottish Town Committee and the Chamber have worked in conjunction to provide highway signage. These signs cost about $6000 to build. The current sign is owned by the Chamber. Sometimes the Scottish Society collected the money, but part of this was by specifically requesting donations from individual businesses. This I know because we donated towards it when we were in business in Maclean.

For other signs (like the lovely Highland Girl) the Scottish Association built it, but the Chamber paid for the yearly rental. Unfortunately, when the National Parks bought the land for the flying fox removal, that sign had to be moved.

There is a misconception of which all Chambers of Commerce suffer: because the word commerce is in their name, people assume there is masses of money to promote the town and their businesses. This is just not the case, as members are just volunteers, and the organisations run purely on their membership dues. Of this money collection, nearly three quarters goes to an insurance payment. That leaves not much to promote the town.

Where Maclean really suffers, is the incorrect population data provided by all levels of Government. Yes, there are 2600 people in Maclean.

However, no Government agencies collate the population numbers of all the satellite suburbs around Maclean. If these figures were corrected, we would be inundated with all manner of people wanting to invest in the Maclean district, as our population that Maclean services would be in excess of 10,000, surely enough to support a Retirement Village.

Denise Worrill, Maclean

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