LETTER: Mr O'Farrell's speech inspiring

I ATTENDED the Year 12 graduation at McAuley Catholic College last month.

I was not there as a parent or teacher, I was there as a parishioner to offer support to a wonderful group of young men and women in Y12 who have worked as volunteers with me for two years assisting some of the people in our community in need of assistance.

I must have attended a different graduation ceremony to the one reported in the press.

I did not sense any disquiet in the audience, see any anguish on the faces around me, or feel a "buzz".

I was not there to analyse a slide show; I was there to listen to the school principal give a wonderful speech where he spoke highly of the graduating class, offered them support and encouragement and wished them well in the next phase of their young adult lives.

Mr O'Farrell's speech was inspiring and highlighted his care for the students and the school.

Barry Whalley, Grafton

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