A proposed logo for brand, Australian Made. Supplied
A proposed logo for brand, Australian Made. Supplied

LETTERS: $10M logos, ill-placed windfarms and communists

$10 marketing stunt: Logo lacks balls

DID this government really fork out $10 million dollars of taxpayers hard won funds to change our iconic Kangaroo emblem?

Whoever is guilty of this crime has never seen a wattle in bloom. Any resemblance this has to our national flower would have to have been conjured up after the consumption of three flagons of cheap plonk and some wacky tobacky.

I have heard many and varied descriptions of this botanical insult. One believes it is actually the result of dropping a penny bunger into a bowl of pumpkin soup, but the best one came from a mum who claims she gets a better display when she changes her new baby's nappy.

As for getting rid of our iconic kangaroo emblem to suit those lily-livered wimps who shy at their own shadows... never!

What should be done is add an impressive pair of testicles and give old man kangaroo a fighting stance.

Fred Perring

Halfway Creek


HILLS OF GOLD: Windfarm plan a blight on the landscape

ANYONE who has visited the Nundle area would remember the beauty of those rolling hills and the absolute serenity of the place. Such a lovely quiet little town making it a tourist Mecca.

Not for much longer, according to some greedy despoiler in the shape of a $600 million dollar wind farm project that wants to cover 20km of those rolling hills with 80-plus ugly, monstrous wind towers 220m in height.

And remember, that $600 million comes from subsidies paid by the taxpayer. Also the majority of shareholders are foreigners.

We know who the Australians are who have reaped the rewards of the billions in subsidies. These people are only interested in the almighty dollar.

What happens to the countryside and its residents matters not, and they walk away leaving collapsing hulks and thousands of tons of concrete embedded at each site after the 20-25 years use by date is reached, and vanes that cannot be recycled but have to be buried. There are many examples all over America.

The residents of Nundle are up in arms, and have every right to be.

My ties with Nundle go back to the 1800s. Many of my pioneering family ancestors are occupying both Nundle graveyards. I'll wager none of those original AAC employees ever imagined that such a beautiful place could be despoiled by greed for the almighty dollar.

Fred Perring

Halfway Creek


Communist wannabes should look before they leap

IT DOESN'T take much for Ted Strong to get his knickers in a knot, just a little reminder of what the latest snake oil spruikers pitch is to manipulate today's young and restless and Ted goes on the offensive.

I don't believe Ted Strong would really be a supporter of the absolute anarchy that has taken hold of today's youth, anarchy that seems to develop and flow out of our education establishments at the expense of the three R's.

As for the teaching of pioneering history of this great country, well the Socialist Left have decreed that those pioneers were all white so the last 230 years just never happened.

There is an old saying that says: If you don't know where you came from then you don't know where you are going. My advice to those pushing for a version of Communist China's Chairman Mao's "Great leap forward" should remember that in just four years, between 35 and 55 million Chinese took that great leap forward into absolute oblivion, the result of starvation and executions.

Of course we should not forget Pol Pot, Communist ruler of Cambodia 1975 t0 1979 who, in four years managed to exterminate one quarter of the Cambodian population through starvation, overwork and executions, there are thousands of skulls on display to mark that dark period.

Then there is Joseph Stalin and his gulags, and so on. The list of these murderous tyrannical Communist despots, some long departed, many still wielding power, would fill a page in the DEX. Many are members of that toothless tiger, the United Nations.

Fred Perring

Halfway Creek

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