Letter to the Editor-April 7:Building for the Future in Yamba

THERE is a decline of new families shifting to Yamba, members of sporting clubs are diminishing, a few shops are empty and very few new houses being built.

Yamba has a predominantly aging population and unless new people come to town the place will remain stagnant.

Just a few years ago the town was a hive of activity, Beachside development was under way, the new marina was being built, blocks of land were available at Crystal Waters and Oyster Cove and the town was alive with tradies' utes and delivery vehicles.

All this gave Yamba businesses plenty of trade besides the holiday-makers.

Could one of the reasons for this be the lack of affordable building blocks close to Yamba?

The answer to this could lie in the rezoning of a large parcel of land already developed and close to Yamba.

A few years back a second industrial park was established just west of Angourie Rd. The developer has done an excellent job, metres of fill, underground power with roads and drainage. Unfortunately the blocks have not sold very well, as there are still empty sheds in the original industrial complex.

Could this development be rezoned and turned into a housing estate?

What great blocks of land, with all the amenities, close to town and the beaches and all within reach of the town's courtesy buses?

With a bit of thought and forward planning anything is possible.

I Faulkner

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