Ducking for cover

WHY is this Federal Labor Government so jittery about the prospect of Tony Abbott's commitment to an audit of Labor's financial legacy?

Is it because all is not kosher in their statement of accounts presented to Australians in Swan's budget?

The clamour from Labor's front bench is becoming more strident, with claims from Swan, Gillard, Shorten and Albanese that an audit could only lead to an Abbott-led government culling more of Labor's sacred cows.

Really? Why would that be? Is there something there we should know about?

Remember Kim Beasley as Labor's Finance Minister of the time declaring a surplus while leaving a $90 billion black hole?

"Trust us; we can count," they said.

That mournful "moving forward" cliché has been replaced with "cutting to the bone", with every Labor member apparently issued with orders to use it at least 20 times a day.

William Shorten MP, in particular, seems to be the new attack dog.

He is someone who is desperate to prevent any changes to the cosy position Gillard's government has allowed his "13% of the workforce" unions to occupy.

Shorten knows full well the majority of Labor Government members have ties to various unions and Abbott's plan to legislate to make union leaders as accountable for their actions as business leaders are in the private sector, and possibly shake the tree, does not sit well with Minister Shorten.

There is a compelling vision of a swamp full of shot ducks when and if a revitalising Coalition gets the chocolates come September14.

Fred Perring,
Halfway Creek.

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