Letters to the Editor: Smelly salaries

Affordable salaries

THE recent survey forwarded by the council "smells" suspiciously as if the services to be cut have already been shortlisted.

An additional area of council's operational revenue not discussed is the salary packages for managerial staff.

These packages are likely determined by a statewide classification depending on various factors.

However, in this age of questioning accepted practices, eg, politicians entitlements, penalty wage payments etc, does a council the size of the Clarence need the present classification of CEO that we have?

It is obvious we can't afford it.

If we can't afford community services, it's obvious that some things will have to go, but let's consider ALL possibilities.

Maurie Nichols, Ulmarra

Here's the catch

HOW sad that little children are being encouraged to be cruel to animals - in other words, take up angling (Chatty kids get hooked on fishing, 25/8).

Researchers have demonstrated that fish feel pain in much the same way as mammals, including us.

Can you imagine how you'd feel if someone hid a metal hook in your food and then suddenly yanked you aloft, swinging from the hook embedded deep in your sensitive throat?

The pain would be excruciating and you'd be totally bewildered and shocked. But that's not all.

Suddenly you'd find you couldn't breathe because you'd been dragged into a strange, new environment. This is what it's like for fish.

Isn't it time we all opened our eyes to the cruelty of angling?

Jenny Moxham, Monbulk Vic

Workers miss out

FOLLOWING the release of its draft report into Australia's workplace relations framework, which Tony Abbott ordered, the Productivity Commission has announced it will only hold two hearings in regional Australia, including one in my home town of Bendigo.

This means workers in Grafton and surrounds will miss out on the opportunity to add their voice to this national conversation.

The hearings will focus on the proposed recommendations of the Productivity Commission's draft report.

Without consulting one worker, the Liberal Government is using this report to put forward a radical plan to slash penalty rates by 37 per cent, cut working conditions and impose take-it-or-leave-it contracts.

Many of the recommendations in this report will have a profound impact on regional Australia.

I encourage workers in Grafton and surrounds to get in touch - email lisa.chesters.mp@aph.gov.au or visit www.lisachesters.org.

Bendigo workers and myself will not only speak up for our region, we are also willing to speak up for you.

Lisa Chesters MP, Federal Member for Bendigo & Chair of Labor's Fair Work Taskforce


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