Letter to the Editor - Monday May 5: Good and bad boats

I WOULD like to publicly thank the considerate and responsible wake-boat operators who chose not to operate their vessels in the flood-damaged riverbank areas in the vicinity of Seelands and the Whiteman over the Easter period.

By enjoying themselves in other parts of the river that are less erosion sensitive, and not utilizing their wake enhancing devices, or conducting slow towing, these responsible wake boaters minimised river bank erosion, without diminishing their fun, or the enjoyment of others along 100km of the Clarence River.

To the 29 (that's right 29!) wake-boat operators (22 Queensland registered) that were observed over the Easter period operating in the Moleville Rocks to Rogan Bridge reach of the river, who chose to deliberately create excessive wash erosion by slow towing in the damaged riverbank areas, all the time displaying contempt for the RMS minimise wash buoys, and the reasonable requests of local residents and commercial interests not to slow tow in these wash erosion sensitive areas, we can only hope that these arrogant, ignorant environmental vandals will one day wake up to themselves.

They should place their huge boats on their trailers and put them where the sun does not shine.

John Griffith,

YOUR SAY: Who owns our water?

YOUR SAY: Who owns our water?

Why do we think we own the Clarence?

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