Letters in a bottle end their voyage

WE'VE all heard of them, but how many people have actually come across a message in a bottle?

Carol Hambly and her husband can now be added to the list.

The couple were driving along Sandon Beach when they noticed a sparkle on the water's edge.

Being inquisitive, they jumped out of the car and went over to see what was going on.

“I picked up what looked to be an old scotch bottle and there were a series of letters inside,” Carol said.

“The most difficult thing was waiting until we got home to open it because we needed a corkscrew.”

When Carol finally managed to get the bottle open, numerous letters fell from the container.

“It was all very exciting,” she said.

There were about eight legible letters to read, others were damaged.

“Nothing was wet, but the sun must have faded the ink,” Carol said.

The letters, dated July 26, 2007, were written by volunteers for the Youth Challenge International.

The group was making the voyage from Vanuatu to New Zealand on the Tall Ship Elvie when members tossed the bottle overboard.

Some of the requests in the letters were fairly humorous.

One young girl asked that if her letter was found by a young man, to please contact her.

She said that if the letter was found by an “old' person, the details should be passed onto to a son.

The letters were written on scraps of paper.

“Some are on the back of old print-outs and others are on ripped out diary pages,” Carol said.

“I have emailed one of the letter writers and written to another.

“I haven't heard anything back as yet, but I will keep trying because I have found the whole experience really interesting,” Carol said.

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