Peter and Heather Roland say goodbye to the Clarence Valley community
Peter and Heather Roland say goodbye to the Clarence Valley community Adam Hourigan

Letters to the Editor: Sept 5


IN response to a letter (Tues 4/9/18) by Mr Ibbotson of Gulmarrad, I am amazed at this recent arrival's lack of knowledge and disregard of facts.

The development plan for West Yamba was to have a roundabout further west of Treelands Dr intersection but is prohibitive to developers because of the cost council requires. Not like the paltry 8% required for this intersection.

Comparing Yamba to Sutherland in Sydney is a bit rich and inappropriate.

The southwest entrance is not being closed, it is the southern entrance which is in Treelands Dr.

Given Mr Ibbottson's address, I would have thought shopping in Maclean was more convenient but then again, council has closed the majority of parking there for another development no one wanted.

Tom Porter, Yamba


THE CVC has to be the most wishy-washy bunch of councillors I've ever come across in all my days.

Anyone with an ounce of commonsense would understand that the most cost-effective method of controlling traffic flow (particularly during heavy holiday traffic periods) at Yamba's busiest intersection is with a set of traffic lights in conjunction with turning lanes. A roundabout is not a viable option.

Yet because there are some Luddites on the council (and also locals lobbying against logic) who think that traffic lights are synonymous with 'city' (in their minds it is only cities which have traffic lights), we now have the council back-pedalling on their decision.

Their latest fiasco-in-the-making? A 'mini-roundabout'!

Traffic lights are not the work of the devil and will not cause Yamba or we residents to be automatically consigned to hell.

I lived in Canberra for 30 years and believe me, the only viable option to lights would be a very large roundabout.

There is nowhere near enough space for that to be a consideration.

It's interesting in that the majority of objections (to lights) that I've come across in discussions over the past month have come from locals who rarely turn into or out of the Treelands Dr/Yamba Rd intersection.

They don't go to Yamba Fair, they don't go to McDonalds and they buy their petrol elsewhere. Right now they just sail on past as they head into or out of town.

They're in for a shock once that unwanted service station opens for business.

Bruce Kennewell, Yamba


AS WE leave Grafton we would like to thank so many people for their kind comments and good wishes. It has been overwhelming, particularly as the thoughts have covered a wide area. It has been a privilege to be a part of the Valley community.

The Clarence Valley has been a major part of our lives and we will always treasure the time we have spent here.

Peter and Heather Roland, South Grafton

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