at the Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards on January 25, 2018.
at the Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards on January 25, 2018. Caitlan Charles

Letters to the Editor

Wrong horse, wrong track

WHEN compulsive scribe Fred Perring submits his favourites - ie maligning left-wing pollies or bashing the ABC - he does OK because the only requirements are bias, bluster and righteous indignation which Fred does in spades, while fact and logic seem to be of little consequence.

But when Fred comes out swinging, (DEX 31/1) in support of downriver sceptic, John Ibbotson, fact and logic become vital and so Fred flounders. Not only is he backing the wrong horse he is not even at, or on the right track.

The tiresome "facts" he trots out are Fred repeats, straight from the sceptic science hymn book and still unsupportable.

Even Fred's well-known visually impaired namesake would by now have recognised that, particularly in the past decade, global warming is no less than the bleeding obvious.

Advice for Fred is the same as for John - stay away from sceptic websites and stick to the things you do best. Also thanks for the "heads-up" re my cage - I've checked it out and it appears quite solid if not completely foolproof.

TED STRONG, Seelands

Awards ceremony 'not good enough'

FIRSTLY, congratulations to the Award Winners from this Australia Day Awards Ceremony held at the Angourie Resort.

But that was the only thing of note for the appallingly organised and run event. There are many questions that need to be answered by the Clarence Valley. Where was the Mayor? This is the second of these events that I have attended where the Mayor has been conspicuous by his absence. This is Australia's national day and as such the Mayor must be present. This year and last, he was nowhere in sight. Not good enough.

If, as was promoted, there were three times as many nominees, then why was it held at such a small venue. Last year, at South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club, there was plenty of room, not just for nominees, nominators and guests, but for supporters' tables.

There must be something done to vet or check that nominees meet some sort of basic criteria for the nominated award. This may prevent the appalling situation that occurred this year. For the Youth Citizen of the Year Award, there were 14 nominations from one person. All nominees were from the same organisation. Some nominees had been a member of CYA for only one month, or five months or 10 months. Their nominations make a mockery of the whole award system. Note: I am not criticising the CYA, but most of the nominees had not done enough, over a respectable time period to be worthy of nomination. This is not a criticism of the individuals, but the process of their nomination.

The awards MC was Cr Greg Clancy, a known anti- Australia Day campaigner.

Next year, the awards night is due to be held back in Grafton. Let's hope that the Lower-River- centric Clarence Valley Council can organise a better night and the Mayor must attend!


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