Susan Island on the Clarence River, Grafton 1894.
Susan Island on the Clarence River, Grafton 1894. A H FULLWOOD

LETTERS: Susan Island in disrepair

Island wharf in disrepair

IT IS to be hoped that the authority responsible for the management of Susan Island read carefully your Noticeboard column, Monday Feb 5. The headline reads '$17mil in public reserves state funding opens today'.

Susan Island regulars have noticed with alarm the rapid deterioration of the wharf. One of the supporting piers has rotted in half, another well on the way. The bottom 4-5 steps onto the wharf have disappeared.

The general public should take care in using the wharf.

This facility is too valuable to let go to ruin.

I urge the responsible authority to take advantage of the funding available before it is too late.



Biodegradable cornstarch bags

I WOULD like to add a small correction to Cate McQuillan's little "factoid" in which she says "biodegradable bags don't break down ...."

It is correct that so-called biodegradable plastic bags don't disintegrate into a material that is compostable.

However, there are garbage bags and bin liners which do disintegrate 100% into a compostable material; they become part of the soil, in effect, usually breaking down between a fortnight and a month after going to green-waste recycling plants.

The most common material used in the manufacture of these bags has cornstarch as its base.

When I was working as an OH&S inspector in the ACT cleaning industry prior to my retirement in 2012, ACT and federal government departments were very much involved in introducing compostable bin liners throughout their various offices.

The Canberra company from whom the bags were purchased had to store them in a vermin-proof environment otherwise mice would chew their way through the covering material just to get to the cornstarch.



ABC should know better

EX-PM Kevin Rudd has taken umbrage at the ABC reporting of the contents of a secret document relating to who knew what and when about alleged concerns with Labor's Pink Batts program.

Rudd is the first to sue the ABC over allegations made. I don't believe he will be the last.

ASIO has confiscated all the documents found earlier in the week and still in the possession of the ABC and locked them in a safe, inexplicably leaving them in the ABC building, with the ABC claiming to still have access and the right to report to the public on their contents.

A few years ago someone in the ABC tent let slip a hint or two regarding the salaries some of those talking heads fronting the camera for an hourly program each week. The then ABC Director went on a mission to find out who had the temerity to rock the boat, claiming the public had no right to know what went on in their own ABC.

FRED PERRING, Halfway Creek


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