Aged find it tough

PLEASE highlight to both of our Federal MPs the terribly painful plight that our aged and severely disabled pensioners find themselves in with regard to their incredibly poor eyesight and dental pain, which these very proud Australians simply do not have the finances to pay for.

Throughout our four-month stay in Grafton, my wife and I, thru the auspices of the incredible Neighbourhood Centre, South Grafton, have met many of our local wonderful pensioners who receive great fortitude, a cuppa, a friendly welcoming smile and help with reading and replying to the incredibly complicated letters that they receive from Centrelink and our State Government.

We used to have a lot of respect for former state premier Bob Carr, but not after seeing him on TV today waxing lyrical about how the Australian Government leads the world in Human Rights and Humanitarian assistance.

Franz Guber

Local Partners