Letter to the Editor - Saturday, October 12: Ramble on

ANOTHER rambling epistle from John Ibbotson trying to explain something most of us already knew, that petrol, oil, a plethora of gases, and even coal, are all fossil fuels.

As a result he appears to conclude that when I say I don't use natural gas, I'm actually lying because I drive a car that consumes petrol.

Last week's IPCC report confirms what the world has long known; that the burning of those fossil fuels is the main driver of climate change.

Mr Ibbotson, however, knows better, and that the world's climate scientists are corrupt and apparently engaging in some monstrous hoax.

I couldn't be bothered to read the entire letter, which contains large sections of cut and paste comments from my earlier letter, but skipped to the end and noted he blames the 'green' movement for the unsustainable nature of our current collective lifestyles, ending with, "but that is another story".

So prepare yourselves for another page-hogging lecture by return mail.

John Edwards,
South Grafton

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