Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, October 16: Gutter English

I WAS quite disappointed to read Lachlan Thompson's comment in (DEX on 03/10) where Metgasco was reported to have "Fracked off" from the Clarence Valley and have now returned.

I have no issues with Metgasco and I do get annoyed with one-sided arguments that are apparently supported by a "large chunk of the population".

Not only is the term, "Fracked off", gutter English but I am not a part of that large chunk and am becoming sick of being included in it.

It is so refreshing to hear the comments of John Ibbotson who seems have the ability to make practical sense of the CSG issue.

Natural gas is very much a part of our modern lifestyle and it has to come from somewhere.

We are extremely happy to show off and award our successful industries such as our boat fabricators in Yamba and rightly so as they provide much-needed employment and pride in a locally made product. However these boats are mostly made from aluminium and this is made from alumina refined in Gladstone, Queensland.

Aluminium requires a massive amount of electricity to produce and much of this comes from natural gas-fired power stations. This is just a small example of the hypocrisy of not obtaining natural gas from our own backyard.

I am also quite concerned with Essential Energy's consideration of closing the Nymboida Hydro Power Station.

I have not witnessed any public meetings or any horse riding adventures across the Grafton Bridge to protest this possibility.

I would have thought this would be high on any true conservationist's agenda in the loss of a renewable energy source. If this power station were to close, what would we do to replace it?

A gas-fired power station or a dam on the Clarence to feed a hydro power station, both worthy of real consideration but not likely.

Not in our backyard.

Keep the comments and the explanations coming John Ibbotson. The other chunk of the population is listening.

Dave Mackey,

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