Letter to the Editor - Monday, November 11: Falls be dammed?

IN REFERENCE to Mr Ibbotson's most recent rambling on the "humanisation" of the Upper Clarence - particularly The Junction, I have attached a photo of the Top Falls (see right) located just a few kilometres down river from the area Mr Ibbotson is suggesting be dammed.

Can't see any barbed wire or cleared paddocks here! He confesses to having never walked the area and only flown over it.

Thank goodness the early explorers didn't have this capability or we would be missing many of Australia's outstanding attractions.

And for the record - there is a second set of falls just at the head of the gorge a little further downriver.

This area is a true wonder of nature. Those who have taken the trip to the gorge will agree this is a most pristine area and would be absolutely ruined by the building of this "fantasy" dam.

Let's let the man have his moment in the public eye - but let's not give any true credibility to ruining an area of remarkable beauty!

Martin McGrath,

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How you can get your greenslip refund

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