Letter to the Editor - November 12: Loggers’ hypocrisy

IT IS beyond belief that State Forests are sponsoring the koala displays in Port Macquarie when with their heavy commercial logging practices they are destroying the koalas' environment.

In Coffs Harbour area, State Forests damaged large ares of Boambee State Forest with little regard for koalas. They are now targeting part of Bonville State Forest.

Further north in Whian Whian, a private forest is being logged without regard for koalas . Surveys for koalas have been quite inadequate and when the EPA is alerted it may be weeks or months before any action is taken. In any case if companies are found guilty, fines of $300 or so are but a tap on the wrist.

State Forests have been given quotas of timber to supply by state governments and they are required to meet these despite the fact that the timber is just not available.

Is this push to supply timber which is not there just to please a few large timber companies? Or does the State Government wish to destroy koalas and the public forests?

James Tedder
Stuarts Point

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