Letter to the Editor - Thursday, May 8: Young talent time

HAVING thoroughly enjoyed previous performances by the NCPAA Choir and Orchestra, my friends and I decided to visit Christ Church Cathedral last Saturday for their latest concert. Are we glad we did!

The choir and orchestra performed a truly ambitious program, much to our delight.

Following a rousing Handel Overture, we were quite blown away by the expertise of Jennessa Mok, playing Bach's Keyboard Concerto with a maturity far beyond her 14 years.

This was closely followed by 16-year-old violinist Lachlan Wilkins's stirring rendition of Autumn from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It was wonderful to witness such young talent being actively nurtured.

We were deeply moved when the full choir and orchestra performed Vaughan Williams's Toward the Unknown Region, an extremely ambitious piece performed with great sensitivity.

The choir was wonderfully disciplined, producing a wide dynamic range. The fine acoustics of the cathedral ensured a perfect balance between choir and orchestra.

Benjamin Britten's Matinees Musicales had the entire audience enthralled with the tremendous variety of musical moods created by the five movements. I understand this group of gifted musicians will again be performing in Grafton in November. My friends and I will definitely be there.

Thank you again for a truly memorable experience.

Joan Moy,
South Grafton

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