Letters to the Editor - Monday, May 12: Get on with the job

IN EARLY February I wrote to the Examiner on the subject of the world engineering heritage significance of the Nymboida Power Station.

The article in this morning's DEX (9/5) is gratifying and disappointing; gratifying because it reports the groundswell of public support for the re-opening and preservation of the facility, but disappointing because it also highlights a culture of negativity that has become an epidemic in this country in our politicians and bureaucrats.

The comment from the bureaucracy that "there's no silver bullet ... we're investigating ... it's a complex issue ... requires detailed consultation ... regulatory authorities etc., etc., etc." is typical. We don't want to hear this any more. Do your job!

If the community wants something to be delivered don't tell us why it's too difficult; it's the responsibility of politicians and bureaucrats to find a way to do it.

If you can't then we'll find people who can.

Three years ago Country Energy indicated that they weren't particularly interested in continuing to operate the Nymboida facility.

I proposed to my superiors in Clarence Valley Council that council should conduct a due diligence study into the viability of the station and make an offer to Country Energy to assume ownership of the facility.

I even offered access to my own professional network to source the expertise for the study.

The response from the council executive was "the council was not in the power generating business".

That was a total abrogation of government's responsibility to its constituency. Almost all modern, progressive local government of comparable size generate electricity from sewer and land fill methane gas.

They use the power to operate their own facilities and sell the surplus into the grid on the very attractive terms available to large consumers like council.

Ian Saunders

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