Letter to the Editor - Friday, May 16: Tidying up town

I READ with interest the words of our Mayor Richie Williamson with respect to Tidy Towns: "We have in the past supported various committees in various ways, and if there was renewed interest from committees the council would be only too happy to hear their proposals and consider support in various ways" (DEX, 1/5).

The Coutts Crossing Tidy Towns Committee was, for many years, a small but very active and successful committee having won 10 awards at the annual Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns Awards.

Each year we would attend and represent not only the village but also the whole Valley as our committee was the only one active in the Clarence Valley Council area.

We were a 355 committee of the council and were assisted with some funding towards the costs of attending the award presentation.

Then we were dumped as a 355 committee, despite costing the council very little, and any assistance in attending the award presentations was withdrawn.

The council was prepared to provide a small amount of money for soil, trees etc, but most of our work involved weed control and assisting natural revegetation of local bushland areas.

I still carry out some bush regeneration work and we do supply trees to the Coutts Crossing Golf Course but, frankly, being dropped by the council has caused the demise of the Coutts Crossing Tidy Towns Committee.

I am prepared to pick up the pieces if the council is prepared to genuinely back our voluntary work.

It would cost the council thousands of dollars each year if they had to pay for the work that we have done, and still attempt to do.

Sharon Lehman's letter of May 7 about the weight burden placed on volunteers hit the nail on the head.

Too much is expected of our volunteers and it is very demoralising when an active and successful committee, like the Coutts Crossing Tidy Towns Committee, loses the support of the council.

So, Richie, I am willing to talk turkey. Give me a call.

Dr Greg P. Clancy,
Coutts Crossing

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