LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Feb 18, Unsupportable facts

Unsupportable facts

JOHN Ibbotson is up to his usual tricks in his letter (DEX February 12) presenting his usual plethora of unsupportable facts.

It has been explained to John several times that the 18-year pause is a rate of warming lower than predicted and to say there has been no warming is untruthful.

The good readers of DEX are so aware that the last decade is the hottest ever recorded on earth, and that in Australia, 2013 is the hottest year ever recorded.

John's rant on temperature manipulation shows that he is a disciple of Jennifer Mahorasy, research fellow at the Central Queensland University, but who is sponsored by a sceptic philanthropist and whose work is largely rejected by mainstream science.

Like Mahorasy, John infers that the Bureau of Meteorology is fraudulent, but I am sure that he is also well aware that the BOM has been recently audited by an international panel of scientists whose findings were that the BOM's protocols and processes were world's best practice.

Readers of DEX deserve better and it is to be hoped that in future letters John includes at least some supportable facts, or maybe when it is all said and done, he would be far better off to confer with Stan Mussared's magpie.

Ted Strong, Seelands


Shameful affair

I HAVE been involved in the matter of Centenary Drive Car Park and Cameron Park dating at least from 2008. I note news concerning State Government intervention with relief.

Since Council's decision to sell off public land for a store that few seem to want in that spot, I've tried to point out the follies of that choice, the flawed reasoning and incomprehensible decision making.

Above all, I have tried to emphasise the total lack of public consultation inherent in that process, as is well documented in Council minutes, and got nowhere.

Alarm bells began to ring when having recently spent $239,000 on a car park upgrade, on July 20 2010 Council voted to explore the option of building a supermarket above it.

Bewildered by their choice, I did some research and found that they were citing an already outdated "Lower Clarence Retail Strategy" that didn't even nominate the car park as its first option.

I also had my suspicions concerning the impact of construction on adjacent Cameron Park. These were by no means allayed by Mayor Williamson's declaration in Council that "Council will be the best guarantee for the security of Cameron Park".

Amazing - just look what Council intend doing to that park now?

I am truly weary of all this; the seemingly irrational decisions, the bungling - to reach a situation needing State Government intervention, endless rezoning and heaven knows what else.

Know this, but for Council's gross ineptitude, we could have had a supermarket built years ago.

This as an utterly shameful affair, a process so rushed at outset and deeply flawed as to beggar belief. No one will have the guts to admit they got all this horribly wrong.

Councillors, please - just what are you doing to Maclean and what right do you have to impose this upon us? We deserve better than this sad and sorry saga.

John Hancocks, Maclean

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