LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Feb 24: 'Flat Earth' theories

'Flat Earth' theories

MIKE Mullen would do well to understand the history of the "Flat Earth" reincarnations. (DEX Feb 14, 15).

Their common history is one of the establishment's refusal to accept in-depth scrutiny of long held views until the "emperor has no clothes" moment.

Mike should check the history of other similar theories which persisted in the face of obvious flaws.

The 18th century "Flat Earth" believers stuck doggedly to the Phlogiston theory with amazing contortions of logic until the discovery of oxygen. Mid 19th Century saw Dr Snow (thankfully) debunking the Miasma theory and gave us hope in winning the battle against cholera.

Today's "Flat Earth" army clings to a hypothesis put forward by a Swedish scientist more than 100 years ago. The climate change industry is as guilty as their Phlogiston predecessors and the data contortions are pure poetry.

No-one has demonstrated any proof of AGW. All excursions into the science have proved the opposite. The science has been a typical "Flat Earth" exercise.

Svante Arrhenius theorised that industrial CO2 might reach levels that would cause global warning. This has been taken as a fact. Science does not assume

Hubert Lamb in fact disproved the meteorologist theory of a stable climate before becoming the first director of the infamous East Anglia CRU. He warned against making wrong use of the limited knowledge and remained a sceptic all his life. His obituary tries valiantly to suggest otherwise.

Mike should bone up on his history; he is not the only believer in the modern "Flat Earth" and no doubt there will be many other such occasions for blind faith in the future.

Pete Wilby, Maclean


Paying down debt

WHAT planet does failed ex-Treasurer Chris Bowen inhabit at this time?

Certainly not this one.

His dismissal out of hand of the latest report from Treasury on Australia's economic frailty shows up his record of absolute incompetence in every portfolio he held in the last disastrous Labor government.

Treasury stated the obvious when putting Labor directly behind the blocking of $30billion dollars in savings in the Senate, crucial funds that would help pay down Labor's debt.

Bowen, Shorten, Burke and a few ignorant loose cannons in the Senate are holding Australia's future generations hostage, in acts of sheer bastardry.

Fred Perring Halfway Creek


Refugee children

YEARS ago a Grade 3 student said to me: "We should treat each other and the environment how we would like to be treated."

That young boy had it in one.

There are many decent Australians who do value their children as much as they value themselves and they do not believe any Australian government should treat refugee children how refugee children are being treated todayI therefore urge our present Prime Minister, our present immigration minister and the members of our present Australian Parliament to immediately release all children and their families from mainland and offshore detention facilities and treat them with humanity, decency and compassion by transferring them to detention in our communities on the mainland.

Harry Johnson

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