LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Feb 25: UHA’s tireless work

UHA's tireless work

I REFER to your headline today alluding that the hospital 'ran out of puff' following a serious procedure. and I'm sure like many other readers I find your headline both insensitive and flippant in the extreme.

This tasteless comment on a very serious medical situation does The Examiner no credit and will certainly do much to worsen an ongoing wound in the relatives of the patient.

One thing the article does do is to highlight the lack of certain equipment in Grafton Hospital.

To that end, I would like to draw attention to the tireless work done by the local 'Hospital Auxiliary', which continues to raise money solely to purchase much needed non-government supplied equipment for the Grafton Hospital.

Perhaps this incident will bring home to many people the vital role the Hospital Auxiliary plays in obtaining items for 'our' hospital that are so badly needed and will give them the support they need whenever possible.

M.Bartlett, South Grafton


PM a warmonger

IF, AS reported in the Weekend Australian that our Prime Minister Tony Abbott "wanted to go it alone in Iraq with a 3500-strong force of troops", doesn't it show how out of touch this bloke is?

Now his Parliamentary colleagues are coming out to defend him over the November 25 Canberra meeting at which his Chief-of-Staff Peta Credlin attended.

This PM has held Royal Commissions into Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Kevin Rudd into the so-called "Pink Bats Fiasco" in which four young unqualified tradesmen lost their lives as a result of contractor greed, and yet Abbott, as a member of the Howard Cabinet who sent our troops to "The War of Mass Destruction", in which we lost 41 lovely young men, as the result of another Liberal Party lie, has not been called before any body to explain his actions of supporting a war that we shouldn't have been involved in.

Now after the Weekend Australian report, would he please face such a commission and explain to the Australian people why his party have always been the warmongers of the political scene.

After all, we also had the All the Way with LBJ scenario when Harold Holt sent our troops to Vietnam to come home and face, in many cases, lack of suitable compensation for their injuries and are still suffering.

B.F.Apps, Townsend


Four more basics

HARRY Johnson (19/2) wrote that "Our children have four basic and vital needs, namely, clean air, unpolluted water, uncontaminated soil and species diversity".

Even the Flintstones would find that list restrictive.

Here are four more, from a selection of many:

Resources necessary provide food, shelter, education, health and electric power.

Jobs so that "Our children" can support their families.

A safe and free environment to live in.

Not having to pay off the debts run up by their parents.

John Ibbotson, Gulmarrad


Playground needs

THE playgrounds should be repaired or replaced not fenced off.

We pay a lot of money in rates and taxes. Surely, some of it should be spent on having usable parks for the children in the Valley.

Gary Barton

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