Hard on Labor

TONY Abbott winks at nobody in particular during a TV interview and the ABC leftie journos go into meltdown.

Tony Abbott utters the word 'holocaust', apologises immediately and the same pack of screaming hyenas, joined in voice by those hypocrites from Labor and the Greens, can't wait to vent their spleen.

There was never anything but the sound of silence from the Left when the word holocaust was used by many Labor and Green luminaries, from Paul Keating to the Greens' own messiah Bob Brown. But then the ABC is particularly picky on what news items it reports on.

Bill Shorten's union links to the Gillard/Wilson affair and the Williamson/Thompson/Health Services Union fiasco have been well documented for years yet where is the ABC hue and cry over the suitability of this bloke to be our future prime minister?

As for that proven failure Chris Bowen, Labor's shadow treasurer who has been treading the boards trumpeting his remedy to fix the budget mess he helped create.

He made a goose of himself with Alan Jones who found him bereft of any knowledge pertaining to economics and yet he is a wannabe treasurer.

It's time to start praying to your god.

Fred Perring, Halfway Creek


Whiporie plans party

A BACK to Whiporie day is being planned for Sunday, June 7.

The event will be held at the Whiporie hall beginning at 10am.

All past and present residents of the Whiporie area are invited to attend and are encouraged to bring along any old photos or other memorabilia relating to the area that they may have to share with others on the day.

Please BYO picnic lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided. Entry will be by way of a gold coin donation to assist with costs.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Greg Dennis on 0428871232 or Helen Moffitt on 66635257.

Greg Dennis, Grafton


Call for help

HUMANS have an astounding ability to ignore horror. Particularly when it's not happening to us.

How else can we explain the stunning lack of interest in the world's biggest humanitarian crisis?

Four years of terrible violence in Syria, 16 million people needing aid and yet donations to Syria appeals have slowed to a crawl.

Is it that Australians don't care? I hope not. Or maybe we can't see how to make a difference in a crisis this huge.

Two out of three Syrian people need aid, yet Syria's often forgotten here in Australia. Imagine if two thirds of your community, your city or your country needed a hand with the basics like food, water and hygiene items to survive.

The basic health and dignity of Syrian people are unacceptably compromised and small practical contributions can help people survive.

We're aiming to provide Syrian families with personal-care essentials: toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads and much more, complementing other life-saving services that we support.

We may not be able to solve the Syria crisis overnight but in small ways we can make life more bearable for people trapped in its horror.

Please help at redcross.org.au

Peter Walton,

Australian Red Cross

Trainer says horse left "traumatised" after sex act

Trainer says horse left "traumatised" after sex act

31-year-old man convicted of animal cruelty

Foodbank supplies Clarence Valley with 7,000 meals a month

Foodbank supplies Clarence Valley with 7,000 meals a month

Foodbank are appealing to Clarence Valley residents for help

SEEING RED: Family disappointed not able to farewell Kane

premium_icon SEEING RED: Family disappointed not able to farewell Kane

Former Wallaby snubbed for final game on Australian soil

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