LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, April 4: Grafton CBD safety

CBD safety

AFTER three near mishaps at pedestrian crossings in the CBD in the last month, I felt it necessary to express my concern at the lack of respect motor vehicle drivers have for pedestrians on pedestrian crossings in the Grafton CBD.

Whilst approaching to cross the pedestrian crossing in Pound Street this morning, a speeding vehicle failed to stop.

Obviously the driver was aware of what could have been a collision as he waived to me whilst speeding within two metres of my approach.

I wish to draw this ongoing problem to the responsible parties in the hope that they may implement safety measures before a fatality occurs.

I am sure I am not the only one to experience such a hair-raising experience in Grafton CBD.

My concern is for elderly people who are slow to react to incidents such as the one experienced by me.

Brian Hall, Grafton


Blowing hot air

WOW! My credibility is impugned by both the Valley's most prolific scribes in the one edition of DEX (July 31) - happy days!

Alas poor Fred Perring has had a shocker. In his haste to wreak havoc he has completely misquoted my letter so rendering his rant irrelevant.

For his benefit I repeat the quotes he got confused: 'When Fred's subject matter strays into the real world he must be careful not allow political bigotry to put logic and balanced argument at risk' and later I inferred that some of the politicians that Fred reveres are 'scientifically challenged'.

Ignoring what would seem to be the bleeding obvious, a fired-up Fred berated me for calling him 'a politically challenged bigot' which is preposterous because in this context I would never have used the term challenged.

Fred, like others, is wrong in relation to the 18-year pause - what the IPCC actually says is that for 18 years the rate of warming is lower than forecast.

Nevertheless the last three decades on average have been successively the hottest on record.

It was good to see that John Ibbotson almost conceded that he had been less than meticulous with the truth in the letter I criticised.

Wind turbines turn slowly but the blade tips do travel at speed, but John's figure of 528kmh - my goodness!

The ratio of blade tip speed to wind speed for modern turbines is about six, so John's figure requires a wind speed of 90kmh and as wind turbines are shut down when wind exceeds approx 50kmh (ie gale force) his figure is a nonsense.

My advice to both these scribes is to be very wary of sceptic websites, check your 'facts' against reality and don't allow zeal and bias to override logic.

The good readers of DEX would be grateful if you do lift your game.

Ted Strong, Seelands

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