LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Aug 14: Pride before a fall

Pride before a fall

ENVIRONMENT Minister Hunt has declared that Australians should be proud of the Government's post-2020 emissions reductions targets.

His reason? We will halve our per capita carbon emissions.

Currently we have the highest per capita emissions in the world. With the "improvements" announced by the Government, they will still be the highest in the world.

So, what's to be proud about?

In doing so little about cutting emissions, Mr Hunt and his government are forgetting about the impact of climate change on future generations of Australians.

Looks very much like inter-generational theft.

Leonie Blain, Grafton


Sceptic's game plan

IT IS almost too much to ask that DEX readers have to put up with our local climate/deniers and their enthusiastic anti-science vitriol but now we have a carpetbagging sceptic from near Ipswich Q. giving us the benefit of his wisdom (DEX Aug 7).

Viv Forbes' mostly nonsensical piece is of little consequence except that he is most careful to rigidly follow the most common sceptic game plan.

Firstly, totally ridicule the accepted science - which Viv does by means of a pathetic satirical fable - poor Aesop would be much annoyed.

Then you put forward a seemingly plausible sceptic cherry and the best Viv can do is the claim that temperatures have plateaued - so contrary to reality, ie the last three decades have successively been the hottest recorded; 2014 is the hottest year on record; most Australian weather stations have measured their record maximum temperature in the last decade; bushfire seasons are starting earlier and lasting longer. etc.

In fact if there was a climate debate between genuine science and the intelligentsia of Rosewood then Viv Forbes would come in a dismal last beaten pointless by everyone including his learned Emeritus neighbour and even his clever rooster.

Ted Strong, Seelands


140th anniversary

THE Glamorgan Vale state school will celebrate its 140th anniversary on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Glamorgan Vale is situated about 10km north-west of Ipswich in the Marburg Valley, Queensland.

Everyone is welcome to the celebration, especially all former students of the Glamorgan Vale and Lark Hill school and to anyone who has a family connection or interest in the area.

A street parade will include a marching band, horse drawn vehicles, vintage cars and a bullock team.

A special feature will be a performance by the present students of the Maypole.

The cutting of the anniversary cake will be followed by the formal opening of the day by Shirley Davis, daughter of the longest serving principle of the school, Mr Douglas Gillespie.

The anniversary book and souvenirs will be on sale; food stalls and a bar will operate.

Geoff Beattie 0439966236 (chair person), Keith Abraham 0754266133 (event co-ordinator)


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